Stop Building PMAY on Open Space of Khandeshwar & Mansarovar Railway Station/Bus Terminal.

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#SaveKamothe #LetTheKamotheBreathe #SaveNaviMumbai #DoNotDamageMyCity

Khandeshwar and Manasarovar are two beautiful Railway stations of Kamothe. These stations and surrounding area are design considering future city need but unfortunately around 90,000 flats under Pradhan Mantri Aavas Scheme are getting built up on the area adjacent to Railway stations, Vehicle Parking and  Bus terminal. This open space was beauty of the railway station area, where many Kamothe people were using for Morning Walk, exercise, yoga, etc.

Although there are other open land/options where PMAY can be shifted. If PMAY developed on these areas, then it will kill open spaces of railway station and in future, this will create problem for vehicle parking and congestion near railway station. Soon these stations situation will be same like Mumbai Railway station. We are not opposing PMAY scheme, we are opposing for the land chosen for it.

Kamothe is already lacking in development, basic infrastructure like Gardens, Schools, Commercial offices, Petrol Pump, Trees, Water, uninterrupted electric supply,  fire station, quality roads and footpaths etc. But instead of fulfilling basic needs of Kamothe, why additional load is being created?

Let’s come together and fight for our future, We all should come together to pass our opposition to the government in order to save Kamothe.