Stop the building of a distribution warehouse in a residential Churchill Borough


Stop the building of a distribution warehouse in a residential Churchill Borough

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JB Moses started this petition to President Churchill Borough Council Jay H. Dworin and

To my fellow Churchill Borough residents and those in surrounding communities who will be affected,

I along with my fellow neighbors are in opposition of building a Distribution warehouse in the Churchill borough residential community of Pittsburgh, PA.  We have seen all the documents from Hillwood regarding placing an Amazon distribution warehouse in our residential community.  They often mention the stakeholders involved in the development but fail to address the biggest stakeholder, the community residents.  The data they present about improving the home values is misguided.  They showed data from previous developed sites in low economic areas which they reported an improvement.  This will not happen to mid level to higher valued homes, it can only decrease the value.  Every community member I've heard discuss this addition is in complete opposition. Many of these community members are older and have lived several decades in this neighborhood with plans to retire here.  They are now looking elsewhere and are concerned they may have to leave the community they've known for so long.  The issues that have the community concerned that will negatively effect all residents include:

- Truck traffic with poor decisions regarding on ramp and off ramp access.  They will be utilizing previous road infrastructure with minimal changes.

- Destruction and removal of 1,000 mature trees over >70yrs old

- Minimum increase of 336 diesel semi-trucks coming to and leaving the facility, 1,000-1,500 employees meaning 1,000-1,500 cars which may not even be during peak business hours.

- Many if not most of the warehouse jobs will be of minimal wage or slightly higher, not suitable to increase or promote the health of the surrounding home values

- Increase in light and air pollution from a 24hr facility which is known to cause major health consequences including physical, mental and emotional health issues, cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma, decrease in lung function, reproductive health, etc.

- Water runoff and sediment changes causing new flooding zones 

- Passing this while only people that can discuss via zoom meeting is inappropriate

There is no benefit that this can bring to the community of Churchill.  Please help stop this atrocity from occurring, save your greenery, save the health of yourselves and families.  We are in favor of developing the site but NOT with a loud, smog producing distribution warehouse.  Search instead for a tech company that have higher paying jobs for employees, hotels, restaurants, etc.  

Thank you,

Churchill Borough Residents



This petition made change with 1,831 supporters!

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