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re-examine scented product formulas to see what is making some people sick

Percent of persons in US who experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is high, about 12 to 15 percent and we often can not avoid scented products as they are air-borne, where we work, in or around our homes in densely populated areas, public restaurants, entertainment venues and public transit.

I would like these major manufacturers to find out why the fragrances in their products often described as "long lasting' or for "strong scent seekers" are making many people sick and modify the formulas so persons with multiple chemical sensitivities are not going to be experiencing symptoms around these products as we almost have to be completely isolated to avoid scented laundry products, hair products, cleaning products, "air fresheners", scented candles, toiletries, now even pine scented ant spray and lavender scented bleach so people can enjoy breathing in toxins.

Please join me in asking these large corporations to make their products safe for everybody as we can't avoid airborne products, most people don't get ill being around a rose bush or pine forest so must be someway to have a safe level of scent that is not some toxic stew or so concentrated and "long lasting" that persons can't breathe who have sensitivities to fragrances.

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