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Protect Sea Life, Sacred Chumash Cultural Sites, and Religious Beliefs from Seismic Testing.

Diablo Canyon Power Plant also known as PG&E is attempting to get approval for 3D Geophysical Seismic Testing.  If approved Marine Life living between Cambria and Guadalupe will be under seriouse attack by Air Cannons booming 250 decibles into 500 square nautical miles of the ocean.  These powerful Air Cannons will blast every 10 to 20 seconds.  These booms will travel into the water and 10 miles into the earth's crust, destroying fragile and sensitive Sacred Chumash Cultural Sites.  These blasts are so powerful that PG&E suggests fisherman, divers, kayakers, boaters (including our tomol paddlers), and surfers remain out of the water due to cause of illness and even death.  In PG&E's own Environmental Impact Report it states a large list of animals that will be killed and the negative impact on submerged Chumash Cultural Resource Sites.



Letter to
Central Coast District Office California Coastal Commission
I just signed the following petition addressed to: California Coastal Commission

Stop The Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

We are writing to you because we have several concerns of the high energy seismic survey process that is being proposed on California's Central Coast. Several of our concerns with this process and the negative impact it will have upon our marine relatives, our submerged Sacred Sites whether documented or not, also the contribution to generational trauma that 3D Geophysical Seismic Testing would participate in as it attemps to sever our spiritual connection to the animals and waters.

After reading reports of data that had been collected by other agencies after the 3D Geophysical Survey was done in other areas the conclusion was that the devastation to the Marine Ecosystem was ten times worse than that of commercial fishing industry that was done previously without enforcement of Marine Protected Areas. With that said we ask you not to permit seismic testing off of the Coast of California. Cultural Resource Village Sites, Sacred Sites, and Burial Grounds that have submerged or have fallen into the ocean due to erosion are irreplaceable and the Ecosystem of the California Coast is not back to their fullest abundance. The 3D Geophysical Survey Using Air guns, hydrophones, & geophones will set back the marine environment to what it was when the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative had begun.

The Chumash Peoples has requested from Pacific Gas and Electric to have meaningful consultation with ALL CHUMASH TRIBES several times to resolve these concerns that we have as the State Land Commission had told them to do. They have not yet done so. This goes against our rights to defend our Culture, our Ancestors, and our Marine relatives that are guaranteed under federal and state laws as well as the United Nations Declarations on the Right of Indigenous Peoples, including our Freedom of Religion.



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