Pediatric Home Care Nursing in the State of Wisconsin

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My Grandaughter was born prematurely at 27w she spent 7 months in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. My grandaughter has  Bronchomalacia and is on a trach and ventilator 24/7. My daughter is a single mom and had to quit her job to care for her daughter with my help. Nursing for patients like my granddaughter has dropped from 2000 nurses to 500 in the state of Wisconsin due to audits by our Health and Human services department. In addition to audits the paperwork process done by these few nurses are often rejected multiple times and have to be resubmitted just to be rejected again. There is only 1 Home Health agency in our area that will accept Medicaid and they don’t have enough nurses to fill the positions due to low pay and a very stressful job. Pediatric trach/vent babies die during the night because parents are exhausted and sleep through the monitor alarms. This should never happen! We need to change this Wisconsin needs to do better. There are 114 children on the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin job board waiting for Nursing. I have contacted my legislative rep please contact yours by email. I am simply a grandma trying to make a change for parents and grandparents in Wisconsin.