Colorado High School Football-LET THEM PLAY!

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The potential loss of the 2020-2021 high school football season is detrimental in MANY ways. Football aids in keeping kids in school, teaches them life lessons, team work, leadership and goals. Many of our upperclassman athletes are dependent upon this season for scholarships, competing with other athletes across the country. Other states are already committed to be playing on time, where Colorado has yet to set a date. Not starting the same time as other states, is a detriment to our athletes. The student athletes never get this experience back and losing scholarships to kids that are playing is financially detrimental to those families who should have had that opportunity. Too many Colorado Families are already moving to other states that have been more proactive than Colorado. These other states have already committed to a football season starting on time. Please sign this petition to give parents and families the choice to play versus a governing body primarily concerned about their liability instead of what is best for Colorado Athletes.
I welcome all comments/reasons I might have missed to help achieve this goal of having a 2020-2021 football season in Colorado.