CHS "Cancer Cluster" Concerns; State and Federal Agencies - Step UP!!!

CHS "Cancer Cluster" Concerns; State and Federal Agencies - Step UP!!!

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Started by Adriana Vitale

We are concerned Colonia High School parents, alumni, and township members, writing on behalf of our school community.

We appreciate the NJDOH, NJDEP, ATSDR, and CDC assistance to the Woodbridge Township’s environmental investigation that is currently ongoing, but strongly believe that this is not enough. Our children and Colonia High School staff deserve more involvement of the State and Federal agencies. The agencies acknowledged their concerns regarding the potential cancer cluster, but are not conducting any testing aside from radiation and radon that the Township undertook, even though the school remains open. Because the school remains open, we demand greater urgency to find out if potentially harmful substances are harming our children and staff at Colonia High School. We understand that collecting environmental samples and analyzing them takes time, but that is exactly the reason why concurrent sampling of various media and parameters must be done ASAP. Regardless of what the radon analysis and radiological survey reveals, air, water, and soil sampling must be conducted right away. Not doing it, potentially puts the teachers and students in harm’s way.

We insist on more action from the CDC, NJDOH and NJDEP.  Why has no one attempted to contact the individual who brought the potential cancer cluster to light? Why hasn’t the data he collected been requested and reviewed?  Why haven’t any environmental and health official inspected the school to determine what environmental issues should be investigated at and around the school? Why haven’t any soil, groundwater and indoor air samples been collected to make sure no carcinogenic contaminants are present?

Because of the fact that schools are considered sensitive receptors, due to children’s susceptibility to the adverse effects of exposure to toxins chemicals, the investigation of the Colonia High School cancer cluster must be of utmost importance.

We were just informed by the local school officials that “at this time, there is no discernable health or wellness threat to students, staff, or visitors at Colonia High School and we will remain open”. It goes on to say that “we anticipate receiving results from the comprehensive testing by the end of May”.  We demand a public meeting during which we hope the State and Federal agencies could explain on what basis was the no discernable health or wellness threat determined, if the results of the testing are pending. It is not enough to address parents of operating school with suspected cancer cluster through written statements given to media outlets. We and our children deserve more! When children’s health and lives are at stake, we have a right to demand your full attention and transparency.

4,512 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!