Stop Big Money in B.C. Politics

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Stop Big Money in B.C. Politics

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Democracy Watch started this petition to Christy Clark (Premier of British Columbia) and

Money to the Ref?  We don’t allow that in the Olympics or hockey or baseball or other sports – but in B.C. politics it’s legal!

B.C.’s Liberal government have been caught up in a political fundraising scandal for the past several months after Premier Christy Clark was caught holding high-priced, secretive, exclusive fundraising events.  Big business executives and other wealthy people are paying up to $20,000 to meet behind closed doors with Premier Clark and other Cabinet ministers.

The B.C. NDP have also held high-priced, exclusive events where donors pay to meet with NDP leader John Horgan.

B.C. has one of the most unethical and undemocratic political finance systems in Canada – it’s truly a best-government-money-can-buy system.  Businesses, unions and other organizations, even foreign businesses and interest groups, can donate an unlimited amount to B.C. political parties and politicians.

To their credit, the B.C. NDP and the B.C. Green Party have called for a ban on donations from corporations, unions and other organizations, and limits on donations from individuals, and as of September 2016 the B.C. Green Party only accepts donations from individuals.  The B.C. NDP have also called for: a ban on partisan government advertising; a limit on pre-election spending by parties and candidates, and; a ban on parties paying their leaders a salary.  However, even more changes are needed to stop the unethical and undemocratic influence of big money in B.C. politics. 

The B.C. Liberals are resisting any changes that would stop them receiving more of their money through big donations from big businesses and wealthy individuals.

Please sign this petition calling on the B.C. parties to work together to stop big money in B.C. politics by banning donations from businesses and other organizations, lowering the donation limit to $100 a year, and making other key changes – as Quebec did in 2013 to stop wealthy people and interest groups from using money as an undemocratic, unethical way of influencing politicians and parties.

Politicians are supposed to be the referees who decide what is in the public interest – so why would we allow big businesses, interest groups or wealthy people to buy them off with huge donations, including secret donations?

The Globe and Mail revealed last spring that B.C.’s Liberal Premier Christy Clark, and her Cabinet ministers, and the opposition party leaders, were all holding high-priced, secret exclusive events where politicians sell access to themselves in return for a big donation.

Despite the public outcry about these unethical fundraising events, the B.C. Liberals are resisting making any changes.  The B.C. NDP and the B.C. Green Party have called for some changes but not enough to stop big money's influence in B.C. politics.

Please see background information at:

Democracy Watch (October 26, 2016): Democracy Watch challenges B.C. Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s ruling on Premier Clark’s high-priced, exclusive fundraising events

CBC (April 1, 2016): Premiers' exclusive fundraisers violate conflict of interest rules, says Democracy Watch

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This petition had 6,267 supporters

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