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Make childhood vaccinations mandatory for public school enrollment with reasonable exemptions

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Last year we had the largest outbreak of a completely preventable disease in our history. Measles. With over 400 cases in just the Eastern Fraser Valley alone.This is putting all people in British Columbia at risk. Especially the most vulnerable. Infants, Children, and those with an immune system that has been compromised are being put into needless danger.


Our sister province Ontario, the only province that can compare to our population, has already made this possible. It is time to do our best to ensure the safety of our citizens, our children as well.


This is not making all vaccines mandatory for all British Columbians. This is making some vaccines mandatory in order to enroll and attend public school in British Columbia.


We call upon our Premier Christy Clark, and those experts on the subject, to come up with a plan to make our families safe once again.






*People have been emailng me asking what would change if people can have exemptions*


As of right now schools do not ask if your child is vaccinated. Which means they have no idea how many are covered in their school. This could be a risk to someone with immune system issues (A child going through cancer treatment, a organ donor recipient, and other reasons.)  With this passing there would be accurate information for parents to know how safe their immune compromised child is at that particular school. They may decide to change schools or home school based on this information. It also keeps the unvaccinated kids safe during an outbreak. As we saw in Alberta they kept the unvaccinated children at home for 3 weeks until the outbreak was over so they were less likely to catch,and spread measles. If they have this information they will know if someone is putting everyone (including their own child) at risk by ignoring the policy to stay home during an outbreak.

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