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Ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores in BC

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When people walk into pet stores, they see all the cute animals waiting for their forever homes. However, what many people don't realize is where these animals come from and what they endure. They are trapped in tiny kennels with no space to move around, with hundreds of people tapping on the glass at them daily. They live amongst their own feces and have no access to the outside. No access to sunlight, fresh air, or space to run around. Puppies and kittens need stimulation, love, patience, and lots of care! What if somebody trapped a baby in a small enclosure similar to the ones in pet store and left the baby to fend for itself? That would obviously be considered abuse, so why is that okay for puppies and kittens? It is clear to see that the animals in these conditions do not exhibit normal behaviour. They do not look like what puppies and kittens that age should look like. They are typically seen doing strange activities or are lethargic, not energetic as a typical young animal would be. 

While many pet stores claim to sell puppies and kittens that come from a good place, the reality is that most of these animals come from puppy or kitten mills, where they are bred inhumanely and profit is prioritized over the welfare of the animals. They are treated like they aren't living; they're just something that needs to be sold. 

Pet Habitat, a pet store in Burnaby at Metrotown mall, has said to get their puppies from The Hunte Corporation. The Hunte is based out of Missouri and is the largest puppy dealer in the world and has been under countless animal welfare investigations regarding its treatment of the dogs. To read more about The Hunte and its poor practices read this article:

As a human being with natural feelings of compassion and sympathy, it's clear to see that the way these animals are treated in the pet stores isn't okay. Let's follow the city of Richmond's example and ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores in hopes of one day putting an end to puppy mills as a whole. These animals are prisoners for a crime they didn't commit. Lets free these innocent animals and give them the love they deserve! 



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