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The NJSPCA is bringing in nearly $750,000.00 per year with less than $25,000.00 going towards the animals.  The NJSPCA, because of their incompetence has lost their 501(c)3 status with the IRS for not filing their taxes, is non-compliant with the State of New Jersey's Charity Registration Division FOR NOT FILING PAPERWORK FOR THREE YEARS, hadn't filed the mandated Independent Audits in 5 years, and has spent, in the last three years alone, over $750,00.00 dollars of donation money on legal fees for Attorney Harry Levin.  None of those Attorneys fees were spent prosecuting animal abusers, rather, defending the dozens of lawsuits filed against the NJSPCA for unjustified use of force, not giving out county charters, appealing lawsuit after lawsuit where the judge found against them, and for slander and defamation cases.  

The KANE IN YOUR CORNER report on News 12, clearly showed how incompetent and mismanaged the NJSPCA is.  When he asked the Board of Directors for the NJSPCA to supply him with copies of the invoices from their  Attorney Harry Levin, Matt Stanton, a Board Member and the mouth piece for the NJSPCA, told Walt Kane that Ex-Treasurer and Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Frank Rizzo "threw the invoices out"!  This is a violation of NJ 2C:28-7. Tampering with public records.

The dog in the above photo sat in a car in 90 degree heat and the NJSPCA did nothing!!  Why?  They did not properly staff Zone B during the Easter Holiday and no one was assigning cases, so all egregious cases sat for nearly a week before they were assigned.  The Reformers - Advocates for Animal Shelter Change became aware of this situation after three separate reports came in that animals were in imminent danger and there was no response from the NJSPCA. 

This list of inexcusable actions by the NJSPCA is extensive.  Abuse cases that have never been looked into, illegal car stops, not filing Federal Income Taxes, not prosecuting cases, allowing cases to be dismissed for not showing up in court for hearings, SPCA agents that are illegally killing animals before the 7 day hold, illegal elections for Board of Trustee members, threats of lawsuits and violence to those that speak out against them, etc etc.

Please sign the petition as ask Attorney General Christopher S. Perrino to conduct an investigation into the NJSPCA and its Executive Board, and to place an interim Board of Directors into the NJSPCA until the investigation in complete. And to file criminal charges against those individuals for Official Misconduct and Tampering with Public Records.

For more information, and to see the documents go to Reformers - Advocates to Animal Shelter Change in NJ on Facebook.

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