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Ban shark fin from all Cathay Pacific Cargo flights

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Hong Kong’s corporate leaders are recognising the need to save the world’s sharks from extinction. The Shangri-La and Peninsula hotels have removed shark fin from their businesses, and so has Cathay Pacific Airways... Almost.

香港的企業領導者深知到需要拯救世界上瀕臨滅絕的鯊魚。香格里拉大酒店和半島酒店把魚翅從他們的業務中剔除,國泰航空也如是? 而現實卻…


In 2009, Cathay Pacific made the commendable decision to remove shark fin from their in-flight menus, and to lead the way by serving sustainable seafood. Swire Pacific is the holding company of Cathay Pacific, and from their 2009 sustainability report they wrote:

國泰航空在2009年決定從客運飛 機 餐 的 菜 單中剔除魚翅,還率先提供可持續海鮮,成為業界的榜樣。太古是國泰航空的控股公司,在其2009年可持續發展報告中,他們寫道: 

"We recognise the problem of non-sustainable consumption of endangered seafood and encourage all our companies to follow WWF Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide. Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair recognise the importance of sourcing in-flight food from sustainable sources. They ban shark’s fin from their in-flight menus and are working with relevant teams to develop and formalise our approach."

『我 們 深 知 屬 於 瀕 臨 絕 種 的 海 鮮 正 面 對 非 持 續 及 過 度 消 耗 的問 題 , 因 此 鼓 勵 旗 下 所 有 公 司 遵 從 世 界 自 然 基 金 會 香 港分 會 製 作 的《 海 鮮 選 擇 指 引 》。 國 泰 航 空 及 港 龍 航 空 均 認同 從 可 持 續 來 源 採 購 飛 機 餐 的 重 要 性 , 除 禁 止 將 魚 翅 列 入飛 機 餐 的 菜 單 之 外 , 亦 與 有 關 團 隊 共 同 制 定 及 建 立 相 關方 針 。』

Then in 2010, Cathay Pacific Holidays, a wholly-owned travel-booking agency belonging to Cathay Pacific, announced that they would also strive to source sustainable seafood.


According to Hong Kong Government figures, 9,470 tonnes of shark fin were imported into Hong Kong in 2010, of which 10% was by air cargo. With 20-50% flown in on Cathay Pacific Cargo - that's up to 500 tonnes of shark fin! 


In light of these, we the undersigned ask that Cathay Pacific go one step further and not only ban shark fin from the passenger cabins, but also from the belly of their airplanes, too. In other words, that shark fin gets banned from all Cathay Pacific Cargo planes.



請簽署我們的請願書,要求太古 / 國泰航空履行及表現真正的企業社會責任。


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2. Sharks are fundamental to maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem. As apex predators, sharks help regulate the abundance and diversity of the extraordinary marine life beneath them. Declining shark populations are directly affecting the health of our oceans.



3. Shark populations worldwide are in rapid decline from overfishing and habitat destruction. In some regions, populations have fallen by as much as 90%. According to the globally recognised International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), almost 56% of shark species (where there is sufficient data to determine conservation status) are at high risk of extinction either now or in the near future. That’s 141 shark species!



4. The demand for shark fin soup is leading to the collapse of shark populations. The fins from up to 73 million sharks are traded worldwide each year (around 200,000 sharks per day!). Based on FAO data, research indicates that global shark catches are likely to be underestimated by an astonishing three to four fold.


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