Bring IVF Funding to Windsor

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Potential parents who are trying to conceive should not need to travel 2-4 hours away to receive care when a fully functional state-of-the-art fertility centre exists here in Windsor, ON.

For far too long individuals struggling with infertility have had to cross the treacherous stretch of the 401, known as "Carnage Alley", to reach a fertility centre.  This includes innumerable cancer patients struggling with an already enormous health burden, having to make travel arrangements, accommodations,  physician assessments and visits in an effort to at least preserve their chance of a future family.

Windsor/Essex, Chatham and Sarnia have been completely neglected by the Government of Ontario in regards to IVF funding. Each year the Government of Ontario allocates funds to every fertility clinic in the province to help couples trying to conceive.  Unfortunately, despite multiple requests to the government for assistance, if you live in the Windsor-Essex, Leamington or Lambton counties you were basically out of luck or had to travel 2-4 hours to receive a government-funded IVF procedure.

Luckily, Dr. Victory has created his own state-of-the-art fertility clinic in Windsor, ON allowing potential parents to get the treatment they need without having to travel 4 hours away.   

However, since the Ontario government has not provided him with any funding dollars to perform IVF procedures in Windsor his clinic is only able to perform privately funded IVF.

There is no reason that we should be treated any differently from patients in the 416 area code.  We deserve access to care without having to travel, or cross dangerous stretches of highway to have a family.  We deserve cancer care that includes a robust fertility preservation program capable of addressing the needs of our local Windsor Regional Cancer Center.  We deserve to have the same health care access that patients in London, Ottawa and the GTA have.

As the residents of Windsor/Essex, Chatham, Sarnia, and Lambton, we request that the Government of Ontario allocate funding to the Windsor IVF Center at Victory Reproductive Care.  

It's time the government reallocate the funding to represent the whole province.  With the advent of COVID, the need to minimize travel, minimal in person physician contact, and the provincial mandate for a fertility preservation program for reproductive age oncology patients, no time in history has ever been more critical.

Our time is now.  Please help us.  Protect us.  Provide us with care.  Let our citizens have families too.