Allow the Ontario Pharmacist OSCE Exam To Proceed

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We are here to bring to light an issue affecting the future of our pharmacy workforce.

Under normal circumstances, pharmacy licensing exams are completed near graduation and allow students to practice to the fullest of their abilities shortly after. However, the pandemic has devastated the Ontario pharmacy community due to the ongoing Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) cancellations. This has resulted in tremendous financial strain for newly graduated individuals. 

As front-line healthcare workers, it is imperative that this situation be rectified and the exam be able to proceed. 

One such way to arrive at this outcome is to review the PEBC’s request to reclassify the OSCE exam as a post-secondary institutional event, subject to the same restrictions and exemptions as schools.

Another possible avenue is to offer emergency conditional licenses to students who have yet to complete their OSCE exam. 

There are hundreds of future pharmacists affected by these delays. Please help us to address this issue in a timely manner, and support us by signing our petition.