Appeal the Victoria, Jason and David Small sentences in Stouffville horse deaths

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Please appeal the sentence delivered to Victoria, Jason and David Small. Given the severity, continuous and repetitive nature of their offences 45 days in jail (just 6‰ of the maximum 2 years) and $1,000 fine (1.6‰ of the maximum $60k) with permission to still own cats and dogs is grossly insufficient justice. 

Their willful neglect over a period of months led to the suffering and deaths 13 horses and the suffering and near death of 15 others. The case was described by one of the investigators as the "worst case of animal neglect he's seen in his 36 years of work." A veterinarian involved also said in his 35 years as an equine veterinarian, he’d “never had the opportunity to witness horses in such bad condition.” 

The Small's took the time to bury/conceal the dead horses while leaving the others to continue to die of dehydration, starvation and neglect. This is an unthinkable level of cruelty. 

Given these facts, the current sentence sends a disturbing message to animal abusers in Ontario and this must be remedied.