Introduce harsher punishments to stop animal cruelty

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i feel strongly on this matter as we are the voice for the animals who are being abused everyday it actually is so hard to understand why human beings can do so much cruel to a defenceless animal i love my dogs as part of my family so i think its about time we all pulled together and try make a difference for all these animals and the only way is to change how to do this is by making it a criminal offence and give harsher punishments not just a slap on the wrist some things i read do you know in this country alone there is a animal abused every 10 seconds from beating,burning,fighting,shooting,neglect,poising this is only some of what we humans inflict on defenceless animals im hoping to be able to get over 100,000 signatures to try stop the inhumane treatment of all these animals please help by signing thank you.