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Stop testing on animals to make your fragrances

There has always been a somewhat substantial argument for animal testing within the realms of medicine and science, but by no means is it humane, or even appropriate, to use animals as a resource when it comes to fragrances and cosmetics.

Peta recently released a list ( of cosmetic companies who still test on animals, and Christina Aguilera's fragrances are, unfortunately, cited. This applies to both her self-titled perfume, and the newer release, 'Royal Desire'.

Aguilera has a new album about to hit stores around the world ('Lotus' Nov. 9), a milestone in her career that will be truly paramount to her success in the future. I suggest boycotting the album on the basis of her animal-tested fragrances. Furthermore, I urge you all to message Sony Music USA on the link below, identifying your lack of support as a result of Aguilera's immorally-sourced perfumes.

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