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Christians Standing Together Against Gun Violence

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Gun ownership, gun violence and gun control are obviously not new debates in our nation. Recently, however, we have seen a rise in political debate infused with violent rhetoic, personal interactions tinged with violent posturing and recent shootings - mass or otherwise - are creating a fatigue that further normalizes gun violence in our culture.

For many Christians, this is simply not an acceptable reality and together are calling upon our church leaders and ourselves to continue all work and ministries that seek ways to fight the prevalence of guns and increased gun violence in our society.  

This petition is NOT about defining what is Christian, condemning responsible gun owners and hunters or dismissing the Second Amendment, but rather this is a place of solidarity for Christians to publicly support our leaders, encourage one another and say to the world that there is a different way to live and respond to that which may threaten us . . . and it is one that does not involve guns.

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