Chairman of Christian Organization Says "I will kill God" — Must Resign Now!

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In South Korea, many Christians desire to follow God with a pure heart, but they are being led on the wrong path by Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon, the President of the Christian Council of Korea, an organization that represents many South Korean churches.

Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon
Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon said "if God messes with me, He's dead."
This pastor, a man, thinks that he can raise himself above the eternal God and threaten God. A pastor like this cannot be allowed to lead other Christians and be a President of a Christian organization while disrespecting the holy God.

Christian Council of Korea
The leaders of CCK must also be held accountable for their crimes in finance, harassment and coercive conversion.

To protect the faith of God's people, sign this petition and call on Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon to resign and for the Christian Council of Korea to be shut down immediately.

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