Every Full Time Carer who does not receive a pension, should have a National Carers Card

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People don't understand what it is to be a full time carer for an elderly parent with Dementia; they think we are having a holiday. We work so very hard taking care of them and suffer extreme exhaustion and burnout.

Did you know 800,000 Australian carers are on a pension and 2 million other carers are not. Did you know 1 in 10 Australians are carers? 

For those who do not receive a pension there is a carers allowance that is means tested, you can up to $250K to access a carers allowance.  It is a very well kept secret. 

It is $63.50 a week which is a $1 an hour for taking care of a loved one, 7 days a week

The Government cannot destroy our assets, expect us to pay for everything, give us no help, nor tax concessions, when we have given up our careers, spent all our super, to take care of a loved one, when we are close to 60 and cannot return to our former careers.

We need a holistic approach to this 21st Century dilemma, as our population ages with so many living so much longer into their 90’s and needing full time care, this will continue to affect more of the population

We cannot destroy the caring generation who will be left with huge health problems and many more dependent on the welfare system because the gigantic impact and long term consequences were not considered.

All carers are suffering with financial worries.  This National Carers Card should provide all carers in Australia with discount movies, theatre, transport and medicare only bills with doctors appointments.

Stress of carers is enormous without the additional financial worries. You have to think for them, run their whole lives.

Carers are saving the country $77 billion a year by looking after their loved one (s) because they have given up their life, their career and made many sacrifices including using all their super to pay for bills and living expenses. 

A few ask me when am I going to get a job?  I have never worked so hard in all my life.

Few have any understanding of how hard it is being a full time carer unless they have lived it too.

Mum can do nothing for herself, not even turn on and off the tv, turn on and off the lights, I have to shower n dress her, she's double incontinent, it’s relentless, 7 days a week.  

Mum cannot remember how to put her makeup on. She cannot dress herself if she does, puts them on back to front, on top of her pyjamas, all mixed up.

It wears you out being so patient. Answering the incessant endless repetitive questions. It absolutely drives you nuts

You do become resentful, carers are always tired, always late, always come last. We have no life of our own.

Overwhelmed, we feel like the walking dead, being a carer sucks the life out of you.

I am too tired to cook,  to ring my friends, to go out as I am constantly worn out. By the time you do all the looking after. There's nothing left for you to have a life. It only gets harder as time goes by as they deteriorate. At times am too tired to sleep at night.

Feel like it is contagious, my words become muddled up.

We need greater awareness, recognition, compassion and understanding.  

Thank you for signing this petition to help all carers in Australia and create a National Carers Card