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Christian Leaders: Let's start a loving dialogue to try and solve the huge rate of suicides among gay and lesbian youths. Dia’logo, dia’logo, dia’logo!


First and foremost this is about saving precious life. If you are comtemplating suicide please call:

Trevor Hotline, which is a 24-hour toll-free suicide prevention line aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youths:


4 weeks ago I sent a letter to the Pope and to all the Catholic clergy here in the US and internationally, which was about 2000 letters. I transcribed in all different languages to make sure I got my message out. It was a raw and real account of my life and trying to find God as a lesbian. LGBT youth committing suicide is close to my heart because I was one of these kids at one time. I want to make an easier road for LGBT youth. Please Sign this petition, one voice is powerful.


The fact is that LGBT youths are 4 times more likely to kill themselves as straight youths. So with an estimated 1 million suicides worldwide, you can do the math it’s quite staggering how many LGBT youths committed suicide each year. Isn't it time to start a dialogue with religions that give the message that loving someone from the same sex is, “Intrinsically evil?” Isn't it time to start a dialogue with these religions and try to figure out a way to help save our LGBT from committing suicide. What it really comes down to is that “it’s just love.” Let’s begin this journey together. This is about saving lives, not changing scripture. I don't mean to offend, that is not my intention. I don't want these kiddos to think we don't care.

Too many LGBT Christians believe that God doesn’t love them and can you really blame them? Even though we are in an amazing time for LGBT people it’s not enough and are kiddos are still committing suicide with the idea that their God doesn’t love them gay.  Where we are and need to be is still too far apart. We need to sit down with Christian leaders and tell them our story and see how we can bridge the gap for these kids searching for their God.

Intense love does not measure, it just gives. ~ Mother Teresa

If you feel compelled please sign my petition today. If you feel even more compelled forward to your friends and ask them to look at this as well. Together, we can change minds, open hearts and help our LGBT youth.

Be looking for articles that I have written about this subject to be published soon. I will update as soon as I can.


Thank you, Kellie King

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