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Petitioning Ambassador P. Michael McKinley Embassy Of The United States Bogota Colombia

Christian Aguilar: Embassy Of The United States Bogota Colombia Ambassador P. Michael McKinley: Please Help Reunite Family Victims of a Horrible Crime

Family reunification is of the outmost importance.  But when the family reunification is needed due to tragic events this should become a priority.  We beg the Department of State to allow a reunification of the Aguilar - Gallego family to allow this family to be complete and in union when putting their son to rest. 

Letter to
Ambassador P. Michael McKinley Embassy Of The United States Bogota Colombia
Ambassador P. Michael McKinley:

A humble South Florida family is suffering and going through some extremely difficult moments. The Aguilar-Gallego family is currently facing the horrific tragedy of having their sons life cut short. He was tragically kidnapped and unmercifully murdered. The family has searched for days for their beloved Christian Aguilar. Yet through the heartache this situation has caused the family they have been unable to come completely together and cope with such tragedy. They cannot come together because a Humanitarian Visa was denied to them. Based on the Embassies opinion of them not having sufficient ties for them to return to Colombia, Ambassador McKinley the Gallego family is in urgent need of humanitarian family reunification. The reasons for denial seem to us inadequate, the embassy did not take into consideration their USCIS already approved I-130. The Humanitarian request was not made for vacationing or pleasure. This family has gone through a horrific tragedy that nobody should have to face. They need each other for comfort for mental and emotional support and should be given the opportunity to offer their last goodbyes as a unified family, to their beloved child. It is important to all of us signing this petition as a community and as a nation to bring our families together and most especially in these great moments of need.
Ambassador P. Michael McKinley we as petitioners have come together for this cause and Implore of you to please expedite the already existing and UCIS Approved I-130 Visa solicitations for Ms. Alejandra Maria Gallego ***57 and Ms. Giovanna Gallego ***56. We understand that you must follow priority dates and that theirs has not been reached yet. However we as United States Citizens and residents of this great nation beg of you to make an exception in their case. This is an Extreme emergent and humanitarian situation. Time is of the essence and of the outmost importance. Please expedite their Visa situation and allow this family to have some comfort in the tragedy they are facing. We thank you in advance and hope that you will hear and take our petition into consideration.


Citizens & Residents of
The United States of America

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