Help save Kyra from Destruction

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My poor dog has been ordered for destruction by a judge.. there has been a few incidents with other dogs outside my property, nothing too serious, through the incidents my dog was classed dangerous couple of years ago and then another attack happened which is not ideal I know. She was just protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.. It was my responsibility to ensure things like this didnt happen, she was generally well contained but on a few occasions I failed and she rushed at another dog. She was seized from me Sept 19 and has been in the pound ever since (over 8 months now)  waiting for Animal Management to view the file, 2 months later they decided they would prosecute, a further 6 months in the legal teams hands. my case was heard on the 11th May and couldn't prove "exceptional circumstances"  and the judge ruled the destruction of my dog.. yes she naughty but she has well served her time, she does not deserve the death penalty..I have also been punished through the process.. disqualified from owning a dog for 3 years..several thousands in fines but nothing compares to my dog been destroyed. HELP SAVE KYRA'S LIFE