Don't Funnel Traffic Through our Communities

Don't Funnel Traffic Through our Communities

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Petition Prayer: We are opposed to the "Proposed changes to Cranford Street and the surrounding area", and demand other options are explored.


Why are Christchurch residents having to be disadvantaged by traffic from North Canterbury being forced down our roads? These are people from a different district that don't pay rates here, but the residents and business' in St Albans, Mairehau and Edgeware are paying the costs socially and financially to accommodate these people so they can get to or from the City a few minutes faster.

Some of our concerns are:
1. Lack of consultation by CCC with the community.
2. No other route options apparent or offered.
3. Lack of public transport or ride-sharing initiatives to reduce single car commuting thereby reducing traffic volumes.
4. An increase of traffic originating from districts outside of the city, yet our community residents will pay the costs socially and financially for this urban sprawl/satellite city trend.
5. Various area specific problems along the proposed routes to name just a few:

  • 3 sets of traffic lights within 3 residential blocks (Cranford /Berwick, Warrington/Madras, Warrington/Barbadoes)
  • The loss of street parking for all people using St Albans park and club facilities thereon (Bowling and Croquet Clubs).
  • The unspecified loss of street parking in the future. (Berwick, Warrington, Barbadoes and Madras)
  • The increased danger of our local roads for children, and older residents to access shops, schools and parks.
  • The already voiced concerns of local businesses in the area.

We are opposed to these proposed road changes and demand other options be explored and presented for consultation.