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Adult survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham need the TRUTH.

Chris Read is the Leader of Rotherham Council.

This petition calls on the Leader of Rotherham Council to get the truth about Voices of Despair Voices of Hope by asking the senior Rotherham Council officer:

who was fully consulted about Voices of Despair Voices of Hope;

who ordered 1500 copies for Rotherham Council on 10 March 2015;

who joined the trip with victims, survivors and advocates to the Houses of Parliament and to Downing Street on 25 March 2015;

and who then sent a dreadful email on 15 September 2015:

to END HIS SILENCE and TELL THE TRUTH to adult survivors of CSE in Rotherham about what he knows about why officials at Rotherham Council decided to return 1400 copies of Voices of Despair Voices of Hope (purchased at a cost of £5600 to Rotherham Council).

In particular, now that his former bosses have left Rotherham Council, this senior officer needs to disown the email he sent on 15 September 2015 and issue a statement explaining why he sent it knowing that it was full of falsehoods.

Voices of Despair Voices of Hope can be found here:

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