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Stiffer Laws for Animal Abuse & Harsher Sentencing for Animal Abusers

The Governor of Missouri/ Jay Nixon Attorney General Chris Koster  We, the undersigned, request that our elected representatives and governor work to change the animal abuse laws and sentencing guidelines in the state of Missouri. 

We ask that the terms abuse, neglect and torture be described for animal crimes as they are for crimes against humans under the law .

We no longer accept that animals are considered property in the eyes of the law. We want the fact that we consider our pets to be an integral part of our families to be reflected in our laws.

We ask that convicted animal abusers be sentenced to much stiffer penalties than those that exist in our laws and sentencing guidelines today.

Prison time should be mandatory for anyone who intentionally kills an animal through neglect or in the commission of animal abuse or torture. This should apply to those involved in using animals for fighting contests as well. 

Should any person cause physical injury to an animal through neglect,abuse or torture said person should also be held liable for the medical costs to treat the animal. If the animal requires medical care for the rest of it's life as a result of abuse or torture, the convicted person should be held accountable for those costs as well.

We believe a registry of animal abusers should be set up and that all convicted animal abusers be required to register. This will provide an important aid to our police, sheriff and animal control officers thus allowing them to better protect all animals in our state.

We respectfully request that you represent our intrests in these matters and make these issues of the utmost importance in your agenda.

Deborah A Hackett


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    Chris Koster
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    Jay Nixon (Governor State of Missouri)

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