Don't exclude currently zoned suburbs from the new Shirley Boys/ Avonside Girls zone!

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We ask that the new shared zone for Avonside Girls High School and Shirley Boys High School, when they shift to their new Ōrua Campus at QEII in 2019, include suburbs and streets currently zoned for these schools, such as Shirley, Avonside, Dallington and Richmond.

The current consultation being carried out around the proposed new zone does not even offer the possibility of keeping existing suburbs in zone. When residents of Shirley, Dallington, Richmond and Avonside complete the online submission process we cannot even vote to stay in, since this is not offered as an option - but we can have a say on whether Marshlands should be included!

We are in no way objecting to the inclusion of new suburbs in the zones for these schools, such as Queenspark, as they will obviously be close to the new campus. We are simply asking that our areas continue to be in zone. A larger zone would allow our communities to retain our strong cultural and historical connection to these schools while still giving students now living nearby Ōrua access.

Our tamariki have lost enough in the inner east, with the closures of Richmond School, Burwood School, Avondale School and much more. We will not accept another loss. They should not have to go through a ballot process just to have a chance to get into schools that, in many cases, their parents and even grandparents attended. Many home owners in our areas purchased property in zone to be assured that their children would have access to these schools when they reached secondary school age and now most of us are not in a position to shift and buy again just to stay in zone. 

Do not remove our suburbs from the new AGHS/SBHS zone.