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Thatcham needs a Railway Bridge!

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We've all been there, stuck at that bloomin' level crossing in Thatcham wasting our lives - late for appointments, late for work, late to get the kids, just late! It's even got it's own Facebook page! Well enough is enough. Inspired by my friend's comments on Facebook tonight about feeling like she'd been there for days whilst on her way home from work, I thought I'd start a petition. A petition to maybe, finally see change - people power! Please sign and share. Thatcham desperately needs a two way road bridge over the railway. For years various opportunities have presented themselves to provide a bridge over the railway, but somehow our inept councils have let these chances go - the Americans at Greenham airbase offereing to build a bridge in the 1970's, developers money from the houses built in the surrounding areas not being invested in infrastructure, to name but a few. Feeble excuses from the powers that be not to take these chances up. Countless hours have been wasted sitting in queues both sides of the station trying to get to work, school, transporting goods, emergency services - it could be a matter of life or death. Not to mention pollution and noise in the surrounding area. A further 2,000 houses are about to be built in Sandleford, Newbury with minimal local traffic planning. Inevitably this will impact the railway crossing even more. Other developments are also in the pipeline in Thatcham which will also add to the creaking road system and of course, the level crossing. The current crossing regularly breaks down causing enormous tailbacks and lengthy detours. A suggestion was made by the local Colthrop Village Consortium to build two bridges and a marina as well as 700 houses, but these plans were shelved in May because the housing would have been in the 'wrong area'. Yes, 700 houses not ideal but if the Siege Cross development (495 dwellings) and Henwick Park (225 dwellings - both currently under appeal) get the go ahead, then (assuming 2 cars per household) then that's about 1,400 extra cars on the road every day and NO BRIDGE! There absolutely MUST be a bridge built in the next few years if Thatcham and Newbury continue to expand at the same rate they are now. Please sign this petition and see if people power, in some small way, can change our lives for the better.

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