the mental state of an addict

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I am writing as I watch around me so many suffering with what we call now the disease of addiction.  Heroin and pills are all to common in all walks of life, as is alcohol.  What I am getting at is why can't we treat this as an attempt to take ones life where there is a minimum 72 hour evaluation.  Sounds extreme and maybe it is but when one goes for help they realize they have a problem, that's why they are there, yet because they are withdrawing or detoxing they run for the door.  They need that a cutter that can't stop cutting, they are driven by a feeling, a feeling not in their control.  If a cutter is taken into hospital they are treated as a high risk or suicidal.  The mindset is the same, nothing or no one is going to get in the way,  a danger to themselves and anyone who cares for them. I would like to see this same treatment for overdoses and dwi's its the same outcome just a little more drawn out and even more destructive because of the time that passes. I have already lost my sister, watching her daughter my niece follow the same path, many friends and neighbors lose the children and loved ones.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to see this through

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