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Let me first introduce myself, my name is Jennifer.  I’m a stay at home mom of 4 healthy, wonderful children and happily married and we live in Sussex County, NJ.  We have just purchased our first home and after a long awaited 1.5 years after the passing of my husband’s childhood German Shepherd, we felt it was the time to get our family a puppy. 

We came across “Smith” (as they named him) on Caring Canine Connection’s posting online back in October 2016 on  They stated he was up to date with shots, ready to go home at 8 weeks to a new family, he is a German shepherd/lab mix.  We applied and were accepted and told we could pick him up from the foster mom in Rockaway, NJ on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at 1-2pm.  The CCC never called my references because my friends told me they never did.  The fee for adoption was $380 which I paid by check.  We picked him up and have all the paperwork they gave me.

We have renamed him “Cooper” at our home and he was vibrant and fun loving and as far as we can tell healthy.  He visited his new vet on Monday October 10th, 2016 at Hamburg Vet Clinic in Hamburg, NJ.  They said he looked good and we were on our merry way to enjoy him.  Friday, October 14th, 2016 around midnight Cooper started crying.  I let him out and he was not really himself.  By this time he settled back down but then it started from 2am Saturday morning until I took him to the ER vet in Franklin, NJ by 5:30pm October 15th. Vomiting, Loose stools, lethargic, rapid pulse, sleeping a lot more then usual.  I knew something was wrong and I couldn’t help him at home, so the vet took him immediately from me and placed him on IV and tested for Parvovirus.  Sure enough the test came back positive.  They immediately told me he needs to stay overnight and he stayed an entire week fighting for his life.  I, myself was devastated as well as my 4 young children.  The CCC wanted to blame it on him eating something initially when I told them.  They stated he was in "perfect health and fecal was negative".  - The fact of the matter is, he was not.

I have confirmed with another adoptive parent of a puppy from this agency and was also adopted from  this woman’s home in Rockaway, NJ.  You can read most of her story here of “Gunner” I happened to come across it while searching for reviews on The CCC once I received the news of the Parovirus. 25qc3sv4  Please take a moment to read it.  We both have very similar stories and her pup was at this woman’s home 5 months before mine was given to me.  The commonality in this entire story is that they both have contracted Parovirus from obviously this woman’s house.  My first Vet and my new ER Vet has stated it had to come from the litter.  I have also acquired a letter of "unfit for purchase".  There is no one to send this letter to since Caring Canine Connections address is of a UPS PO BOX in a strip mall at their Bridgewater, NJ address -

Caring Canine Connections

 726 US Highway 202 South

 Suite 320-104

 Bridgewater ,NJ 08807

EIN: 81-1620743


Charitable Organization
Organization to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

The point of this petition is to STOP the "CCC", Caring Canine Connections" of Bridgewater, NJ. of adopting out sick - near death puppies with Parvovirus for profit.   My concern as well as Danielle’s is that we would hate for any other family to go through this ordeal.  Her vet bills ended up being well over 5k to save her puppy, and mine hit 3k. This non-profit agency needs to be stopped. 

They have handed out 2 more parvo pups that have contacted us as well, the stories are all similar.  One was even given out at an adoption event at a pet store in NJ! If you have experienced this as well with them, please contact me.

Parvo - The normal incubation period (time from exposure to the virus to the time when signs of disease appear) is from 7-14 days. Virus can be found in the feces several days before clinical signs of disease appear, and may last for one to two weeks after the onset of the disease. It can live YEARS on property, clothing, shoes, furniture, etc.  This is a hearty virus that is very hard to kill.  I had to throw out everything I had gotten for Cooper and disinfect my house head to toe with Clorox.

For more information on Parvovirus please read here:

Who knows how many puppies were adopted out and died in the hands of new owners, who knows how many other parvo cases there are from this agency, who knows how many puppies are on the way to be dished out for profit to vulnerable families.  The reason of this petition is to STOP them!  HELP US TO STOP THEM TODAY!

I personally reported to Animal Control of Rockaway, NJ and NJSPCA - both with no outcomes obviously to stop these people.  I also reported to ADOPT A PET -

If you're thinking about getting a puppy- learn from our mistake and do more research! Be patient and do your research first! This proves the adopt don't shop - isn't always the best idea!

Please feel free to visit 3 of the cases below:

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