Objection to the erection of 3 dwellings in lieu of previously approved Scout Hut

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A Scout Hut is part of the plans for the Gorsey Lane housing development, by Jones Homes in Mawdesley; the plans were passed with that facility included. However the developers have now applied to Chorley Council to change the plans to build three more high end houses instead of the Scout Hut. This is in contradiction of everything that has been agreed. 

Objections to the change to 3 dwellings from the proposed Scout Hut at Goodyear Business Park

Individuals supporting this petition object to the change of planning from a Scout Hut to 3 dwellings for the following reasons:

1. The original planning permission was granted recognising that it was in accordance with paragraph 70 of the National Planning Policy Framework which requires developments to deliver the social, recreational and cultural facilities and services the community needs. It states that planning policies and decisions should: plan positively for the provision and use of shared space, community facilities, and other local services to enhance the sustainability of communities and residential environments and ensure an integrated approach is taken towards considering the location of housing, economic uses and community facilities. This Framework should not now be disregarded.

2. The provision of a community building was an integral part of the development and assisted in the original planning application being successful. 

3. The positive benefits of keeping to the original plans and including a Community Scout building can be summarised as follows. Mawdesley Scout Group currently has 25 Beavers, 30 Cubs and 17 Scouts and need their own building to be able to offer quality Scouting to the local community. The group own a minibus that has to be kept in a field, a trailer that is in a front garden and equipment stored in a garden shed. In addition, all Leaders have at least one room in their houses full of resources. The proposed Scout Hut can accommodate all these and more to enable the Group to keep everything available in Mawdesley. This will mean that the Leaders can concentrate more on a quality programme and less on logistics of finding resources. There is also an area of grass behind the planned building to enable outdoor scouting to take place and outdoor skills to be taught.

4. With the development of 56 new houses there will be an increase in the number of young people wishing to join, which will mean that it is even more important for the Scout group to have their own facility. The Scouts currently meet in the Village Hall which is not suitable for a number of reasons.

5. The new Scout Hut Community building will not only provide the Scouts with a regular, safe meeting place, but will also free up some evenings for the Village Hall to be able to offer to other community groups.

By supporting this petition you are objecting to the planning application detailed below, and asking for the application to be referred to the Development Control Committee.

18/00793/FUL | Erection of 3no. dwellings and associated landscaping in lieu of previously approved Scout Hut (App No. 14/00022/OUTMAJ and 17/01097/REMMAJ) | Goodyear Business Park Gorsey Lane Mawdesley.

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Mawdesley Scout Group Executive Committee