Chop Stop Exploiting & Mishandling a Rabbit for Profit & Entertainment

Chop Stop Exploiting & Mishandling a Rabbit for Profit & Entertainment

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Started by Linda Sue

While this may not be a shocking case of animal abuse; exploiting a fragile prey animal to promote a business is immoral.  Rabbits backbones are fragile and can easily fracture/break when the hind legs are allowed to dangle from incorrect handling as seen in this Photo Op.  Due to a Flemish Giant’s massive size they required a lot of support and should not be unnecessarily handled.  

Having events with rabbits may seem harmless to the uneducated public however; in general rabbits are delicate and require special care; being prey animals lifting them from the ground can be extremely stressful even with proper handling. Rabbits are fearful of noisy crowds, car rides or stressful situations and giving unlimited cruciferous veggies can cause serious gut upset.

According to Chop Stop CEO Mark Kulkis Honey Bunny is owned by a “professional breeder” and will be fed romaine, spinach, kale, carrots, celery, broccoli and red cabbage.  Kulkis alleges all of this breeder's rabbits, including Honey Bunny, have been vaccinated against the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2) which is spreading in CA.

While there is no logical reason to create a media event around a rabbit Chop Stop is proudly doing so with no regard to the welfare of the rabbit.  
In fact, Chop Stop proudly supports back yard rabbit breeders who unnecessarily breed and use animals for profit while thousands of unwanted rabbits continue to be euthanized at kill shelters and dumped out in the wild where they can’t survive.

Rabbits are a gentle, social and sentiment species but some of the most abused neglected and abandoned animals on earth. They most certainly don’t need more ways to be disrespected, exploited and used for profit.

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For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


505 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!