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Choose Life Over Fashion

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On December 21, 2012, my son, Joshua Woods was stolen away from us all by a group of teenagers who wanted to steal his shoes.  The killers have been caught and are currently facing justice, but holding the killers accountable alone is not enough.  We must change our culture so that we send a clear message to all our children, that life is precious and that we value it more than fashion or firearms.

Society certainly does not condone the murder of my son, but society does send all our children a message when we make it easier to get guns than it is to get Jordan sneakers.

While 9 out of 10 Americans want background checks for firearm purchases to be mandatory, for some reason our Congress still refuses to consider this legislation.  Whether it is extremist on the left who insist on criminalizing law abiding gun owners or extremist on the right who value guns over life, our elected representatives are failing us all and particularly our children. 

Please join me in calling on our Congress to stop the perpetual political gaming and pass the common sense background check legislation that America wants and needs. Reducing the access that minors, criminals and the mentally ill have to firearms can only save lives; who could possibly be against that? In addition, Congress should enact legislation for current gun owners to ensure that they take proper responsibility for the safekeeping of their firearms.  

Beyond policy, America needs to see our representatives from across the country and across the political spectrum come together in unison and send a clear message to all our children, that we value them and their lives more than fashion, guns or politics. 


Dazie Williams

The Mother of Joshua Woods

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