Stop dog consumption

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Stop the inhumane treatment of dogs in China.  Dogs are being fried alive just for eating dogs. There is also a dog meat trade for people who believe dog eating gives you special gifts. This happens in countries all across Asia. These dogs don’t deserve to be treated like this, please share or post this link to stop once and for all animal treating! 

The dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Asia. Soi Dog Foundation is working in several countries to end this inhumane and barbaric practice.

The availability of dog meat is widespread in Asia, where the welfare concern is enormous due to the large numbers of dogs being stolen from owners. They are taken from the streets or, in Korea, sourced from farms, transported long distances and inhumanely slaughtered.

The conditions under which dogs are farmed, transported, and slaughtered are inhumane and barbaric. The dogs are not humanely killed; most undergo immense suffering from being packed into crates, often for hours without food and water, resulting in many being injured or suffocating to death. Often they are force-fed liquid rice down tubes into their stomachs, sometimes leading to asphyxiation. It is not unusual for dogs to be burnt alive to remove their fur or thrown into large vats of boiling water for the same purpose. In some areas it is believed that the pain inflicted on dogs before death increases the flow of adrenaline, which can make the meat taste better.

The dog meat trade is sadly back on display in the annual dog meat festivals in China and all over Asia like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and South Korea. People believe dog meat has certain healing benefits despite the poor dogs having ZERO MEDICAL BENEFITS WHATSOEVER so we must make people aware of this before this disgusting trend continues. We are tired of watching innocent dogs being cooked alive, these superstitions must stop. Have some sympathy. Enough is enough