Make the ban on the sale and consumption of wild animals in China PERMANENT!

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China just announced a temporary ban on the transport and sale (but not the consumption) of wild animals after the fast-spreading coronavirus was traced to the sale of live animals, including wolf pups, monkeys, turtles, civets (wild cats), bats, snakes, koalas and other wildlife.  The source of the coronavirus has been traced to a “live animal” market in the city of Wuhan.  Live animals are sold alongside dismembered and slaughtered dead ones.  There is virtually no refrigeration.  Couple that with the lack of animal welfare laws and low health and sanitation standards, and China has created a perfect storm for the spread of infectious diseases.

The coronavirus has killed more than 130 people since it was identified in December, 2019.  The actual number is likely much higher.  In that time, over 6,000 people have been infected.  Cases of coronavirus have been found in Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries.  Many countries are evacuating their citizens and banning flights to and from China.

This is the second time in recent history that China’s archaic animal welfare and food and safety laws have caused a global outbreak.  The deadly SARS virus, just like the coronavirus, started in the live markets selling wild animals.  Over 8,000 people were infected worldwide and almost 1,000 died.

The number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus is on track to exceed the number of those infected and dead from the deadly SARS virus.

China briefly banned the sale of wild animals after the SARS outbreak, but the country’s short-sighted decision to lift the ban has created the conditions that led to the emergence of the coronavirus.

How many more must be infected? How many more around the world must die?

Tell China ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Stop risking the lives of your own citizens and the citizens of the world.  Ban live animal markets and the sale and consumption of all wild animals and endangered species PERMANENTLY!  

Sign this petition.  Share it.  Write to your representative in Congress urging him or her to pressure the Chinese government.  Urge governments around the world to impose economic sanctions on China until it bans the sale and consumption of wildlife and endangered species forever