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There are currently no nationwide laws in China that explicitly prohibit the mistreatment of animals. Endless and sadistic torture of animals by cooking, torching, skinning them live must stop!!! 
We urge and demand a TOTAL BAN followed by punishment of the most the barbaric tradition known to man such as practice of cooking live animals! A full stop of exotic animal trading wether it is for food consumption or medicine! The 'reason' that is given for cooking animals alive is that they simply "taste better" after their bodies are adrenaline-soaked with fear and pain. First of all, it is completely untrue! And it has no meaning when it is cruelty of the highest level!!! 'Better Taste' is never an excuse for such unspeakable cruelty, nor is 'culture'. 
If the animal is stressed before and during slaughter, the glycogen is used up, and the lactic acid level that develops in the meat after slaughter is reduced. This will have serious adverse effects on meat quality. What's more, the effects of stress on an animal's body are stunningly similar to stress's effects on humans. This innocent animals endure indescribable pain and slow death.
This topic needs to be exposed and we must make people aware so they have a choice to demand a law change or boycott these countries by not buying their merchandise or visiting as a tourist. We CAN make a difference!
China's department of tourism is advertising a lot to attract tourists all over the world. We can also write to the National Tourism Department of the People's Republic of China and tell them why we are not visiting.   This over-the-top torture of animals must be outlawed!  If it is hard for us to look upon it, imagine how hard it is for the thousands of dogs, cats, and other species to endure this darkest possible side of man. This slaughter on a first degree must end and end immediately! Life is certainly not a gift for every living being. 

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