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Stop selling Brazil turtles and Kingfish as live souvenirs in China!

On the streets of China, local vendors have found a new type of souvenir - selling live turtles and fish as keychains!

Vendors are placing either one small Brazil turtle or two small Kingfish into a seven centimetre long plastic bag and filling it with a "herbal solution" which is supposed to supply the animal with nutrients and feed it for months. They are then attached to a metal keyring and sold as "live animal keychains".

The fact of the matter is that these poor creatures likely die within hours or days due to a lack of oxygen in the bags. There is no way to replenish their oxygen or nutrient levels and they are left to slowly starve and/or suffocate to death. If the initial lack of oxygen does not kill them, the shock of being shoved into a tiny bag and jostled around in someones pocket for the short remainder of their lives likely will.

Keeping turtles and fish in these conditions is cruel and evil and leads to the slow death of thousands of these marine animals each year. The worst part is that this unnatural encapsulation of these beautiful creatures is LEGAL in China! We must stop the Chinese government and street vendors before it is too late and these magnificent animals become extinct due to greedy, selfish vendors trying to make money off of them.

Please sign the petition and view the link to put a STOP to this horrific torture of our marine life!

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