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Stop The Cat & Dog Fur Trade - It Is Cruel & Unnecessary!

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I hope that this petition will convince the right people to stop the cat & dog fur trade that is happening in China, where dogs, cats and other animals are skinned alive....ALIVE!

This is well documented and there is much proof of this horrific practice in these meat markets. Animals are living, sentient beings and they feel every bit of fear and pain in this brutal and inhumane death. These animals are beat and clubbed so that they are somewhat unconscious and then a slit is placed in their fur only enough for a finger to force the rest of their skin to be removed as the animal writhes in pain. This is animal abuse of the worst kind. I cannot imagine the horror of the last moments of these vulnerable and helpless animals. I have heard it said that the Chinese people do not regard animals as anything but things to be unjustly and immorally treated to achieve only profit. Is this true sir?

In the discovery of human cruelty in China, the face of China has become face of horror to many United States citizens who see animals as the valuable and faithful friends they are. I ask that you, the spokesperson for China, would change the countenance of China's face from horror and unimaginable cruelty to one of compassion and mercy for these animals. At present there are no animal welfare laws that would provide protection and justice for these animals being skinned daily.

I ask that you urge China to enact an animal welfare law that will prohibit the cruel handling of dogs and cats and other animals at the markets and during transportation.

I urge you to stand as a voice of compassion for these animals so that the United States and China could stand as allies against such incredible brutality and inhumanity against living, breathing and feeling beings. I believe that you are a man of courage and compassion, two lethal weapons against the evil perpetrated on these animals and I have every confidence in what you will do to stop the fur trade brutality.


 HSUS investigation of the dog and cat fur trade in China (Warning: Graphic Image) :


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