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Chinese Bilingual Program in Southwest Edmonton

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China is Canada's 3rd largest trade partner.  With 1.3 billion population and a growing middle class, the country will likely be the most important market in the near future.  Being able to speak Chinese language, and understanding the culture will open doors for students in future in the job market, or help them be successful as entrepreneurs.   

One of the value-added benefits of learning two languages is the cognitive growth and ability to function in different ways from monolingual peers.  Studies have indicated that a long, sequence of study of Chinese benefits learners because they approach problem solving with a different vision and cultural lens.

Based on 2014 census result, Southwest Edmonton (Ward 9) has the highest population (over 10%) with Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) being household language.   With a large population of Chinese family with school-age students in Southwest Edmonton, vast majority of them would attend the bilingual program any way.   Thus this program is unlikely to cause an overflow of students in schools.   However the positive impact can be profound.    It would be efficient to establish such program in this area.

There is no school offering Chinese bilingual programs in Ward H and F area.   The closest schools are Parkallen School and Meadow Lark School. Parkallen is designate Chinese Bilingual School at 6703 112 ST, 780-434-8503.  This school will have rooms to accept Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in September 2017, the coming school year. Parkallen has school bus services going to SW Windermere area and will have their Kindergarten and Grade 1 open house on Mar. 8, Wednesday from 5-7 pm.  However, the long bus ride and makes it impossible for families with both working parents.  

We strongly plead that a Chinese bilingual program be established in schools in Southwest Edmonton now.

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