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STOP THE CARNAGE OF DOGS AND CATS IN CHINA IN VIETNAM Barbarism in action First there is transportation to places of slaughter, a thousand dogs really piled on each other in small wire cages, embedded on a journey of 48 hours without stopping, urinating and defecating on themselves, exposed weather, without food and water ...... But it is in death that culminates barbarism and cruelty. Always according to the beliefs, the animal must be bled slowly to obtain a rich meat deemed adrenaline making consumers more manly. Of course, animals do not receive any stunning and is well aware that they are martyred. Once delivered to restaurants or butchers, dogs are caught with a lasso or cornered with a stick against a wall and knocked out with an ordinary hammer. The executioner must hit repeatedly on the head of the dogs whose blood gushes profusely. Other dogs attending the carnage. They urinate terror. Once stunned, but still alive, the dogs are bled with a large knife stuck in the windpipe. They are then boiled, skinned to the blade and thrown into a wildfire to burn excess body hair. Then they are skinned. KILLING: THE HORROR- Strangulation: It ties a rope around their necks, and is pulled very slowly ... and strangled to death that does not happen too soon. At the same time, using a knife, cutting pieces of flesh on the dog still alive! ... - Blanching: We take puppies or kittens, they attach near a pot of hot water, and thrown one after another. The animal, screaming his agony, the water being maintained at a specific temperature for a few seconds (so it does not die instantly). Then extracted with water, it is flayed alive. Finally, skinless and while he still breathes, he is thrown into a tub of cold water. - The round cage: the animal is placed in a round cage height of barbed son. Then the man with a stick, after which there is a noose (for catching it head of the animal without care). Once released, he is severely beaten with a stick with a peak at its end. For ten minutes, shots will be given to him ... Then he will be given a shot to the head just to make it semi unconscious. And still alive, they were dépècera. I ask from this petition to the Chinese and Vietnamese government, full stop this massacre!

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