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Urge China to Close the Notorious Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village

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Tigers are facing extinction in China and many parts of Asia. Only 20-50 wild tigers remain.

The most notorious, most controversial and the largest of the horrible tiger farms in China, is the Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village located in the city of Guilin, southern China. Poorly maintained and run down, it is quite sadly also a tourist destination, but mainly it is hell on Earth for over 1800 abused and emaciated tigers who are kept in deplorable conditions in small steel filth covered cages, with often no water or food, covered in feces .

Here, you will also see chained bears, bicycle riding monkeys and goats on high wires, whom are used for entertainment and mistreated, exploited and abused in the "Theater of Dreams" like a nightmare out of hell.

Also, seen by a reporter in early 2016, was a tiger who's tail was chewed through with the dead part left to hang, tourists throwing live animals like chickens to the tigers to witness the bloodshed, tourists beating and mistreating them for a crowd enjoying the show, and seeing bone wine and other tiger products like pelts, being openly sold, despite it's ban. It is believed that by selling these products is how these parks survive.

In 1993, the U.N. convention on International Trade of Endangered Species required China to put a ban on bone products. 

They claim, the products are being made from tigers who passed on their own, but any animal kept in these conditions would have their faith sealed, death is a certainty, slowly starving to meet their tragic end. Most likely the reason photos are strictly banned inside the park, some tourists were followed by guards. 

Biologists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have urged the National People's Congress to strengthen animal welfare laws to end exploitation of animals. We urge the Chinese government to shut down this horrific places and put better laws in place to protect their animals and for them to enforce their ban.

We join our voices with the biologists at the Chinese Academy of sciences.





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