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China : Please Stop Animal Abuse!

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“To close your eyes will not ease another’s pain.” - Chinese Proverb
Mahatma Gandhi The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
What happened to China? What happened to not closing your eyes because it will not ease another's pain? The pain of animals is real and horrific.
Every day tortures against animals take place, out in the open and without any regard to the screams of pain from animals that are hung up as a knife rips through their body. Small Chinese children are encouraged to laugh at this barbarism and people walk by with hard hearts, ignoring the tormenting pain the animal is going through. Because of this cruelty toward animals china has earned a reputation of being a cold and callous society. The story of the little baby run over by a truck and left to suffer and eventually die while 18 people saw her and kept walking by without so much as a second glance back, reveals the callousness and lack of compassion in China. When people abuse animals it eventually turns to abusing people. This disregard for life has been passed down through the generations and now what’s left is an unfeeling society where mercy is no more. But it’s not just the youth that are violent and inhumane toward animals, it is also the adults who display this same cruelty against a living being. These dogs and cats feel every bit of the horrendous pain inflicted upon.
We, as the voice for animals in China, are screaming out also. We are screaming out for justice and for this inhumane brutality to stop against animals. It has to start with a government that is empathetic to the needs of people and animals in China for both are under the responsibility of the Chinese government. We call upon the Chinese government to stop these torturous acts against animals. It has been well documented through the study of human psychology that this barbaric behavior against animals leads to a hardness of heart that causes humans to then prey upon humans with no thought or feeling to the pain they are causing. Is this the direction the Chinese government wants to go, where un-emotionalism and disrespect and disregard for life is the norm? A person who can torment an animal, hear their screams of pain and remain emotionally untouched is regarded as a sociopath. I can’t imagine that China would want to continue being known as a cruel and heartless society among the nations.
We ask that you would change the face of China, to a nation dignified with compassion and restore hope to your people and animals. There are many people who are kind, compassionate and caring toward animals and people in China and we pay tribute to them. Please stop this inhumane barbaric act of torturing the animals in China and training another generation to be cruel.
Remember the words of a wise man when he said
Mahatma Gandhi - The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

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