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Create a bear to promote awareness for childhood cancer

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Want to appeal to any of the companies devoted to making bears for their consideration to make a bear specifically designed for childhood cancer awareness and not sure if one could be done for childhood cancer awareness month in 2015 but many companies plan in advance so please continue to promote so this year a bear will be made.

If you look at the facts, it’s clear. Childhood cancer needs a cure and it needs it fast. Hope that one of the companies can be the company that can start something to increase awareness for children with cancer by creating a bear specifically designated for children with cancer and/or a t-shirt for childhood cancer awareness.

Companies have done pink on Mother’s Day for breast cancer awareness and blue on Father’s Day for prostrate cancer, but there is hardly any gold shown for childhood cancer in September. I acknowledge that both breast and prostate cancer are important along with all other cancers.  There are many people who die from these cancers each year and many who are affected by them. However, one in every five families will see their child, brother, sister or friend leave them before age twenty this year because of cancer. Though 8 out of every 10 children with cancer will eventually survive, it is uncertain what the effects of treatment will have on them in the future. When people are afraid to talk about a subject like this, these numbers don’t tend to change.

Many of the cancer children have many bears that they receive in the course of their treatment so why not a bear designed specifically for them and that others could purchase that would increase awareness for these facts:

Fact: There are approximately 46 children in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer today.

Fact: Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease for children in the United States.  It is second only to car accidents as the leading cause of death in the United States overall.  Childhood cancer does not discriminate between ethnic backgrounds or socioeconomic statuses.

Fact: This year, the world will see 160,000 children receive a cancer diagnosis and around 90,000 children will die from the disease.

Fact: There are 400,000 childhood cancer survivors in the world today

Fact: The funding for pediatric cancer research has gone down steadily since 2003 and only 3% of funds raised for the National Cancer Institute go directly to childhood cancer research.

Fact: Average age of child diagnosed with cancer is six years of age versus an adult that is diagnosed at 66 years of age.

Fact: When an adult dies from cancer there are 15 years of life lost whereas when a child dies from cancer there are 71 years of life lost

No one should suffer from cancer and all cancer is terrible to face however awareness for childhood cancer is desperately needed. 

In order to bring awareness to childhood cancer and increase its survival rate, I propose that the company recognize the need to help increase awareness in September.



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