Urge Child Protective Services to Intervene for 'Taylor Tian' ("Lil Tay")

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‘Taylor Tian’ (“Lil Tay”) had surfaced the internet since February when she showed off many stacks of dollar bills. Yet who was doing all of this:? She had posed in front of cars that tried to make her look like a “flexer” as many people and herself label herself to be. She had been using curses even in her earlier videos which depict her showing off dollar bills, yet still filmed by either her mother or brother. She is depicted being unlawful; smashing cake into someone’s face with no punishment or either told to say words that are otherwise intended to insult someone. At first this type of behavior seems harmless, but then it evolves into something worse. She begins being involved or around fights such as on her April 18th post, and yet this is still promoted and even shown on Instagram? The societal aspect of Instagram is having boys and girls show off their looks so that they can get appreciation in likes as a return. It is also used for marketing, but it is used too negatively. Hypersexualizing is rampant, drug use is shown inclusively to all audiences, of which shouldn't be shown at all, and now, we have the root of something which truly corrupts the heart and soul. Will it be allowed for children as young as Taylor to commit such horrible acts? Will it become a normalized everyday basis occurrence to have happen? There needs to be a stop put to this.

The last straw that could have been tolerated was the fact that she was filmed smoking a hookah (and sometimes possibly even cannabis before), yet there is no action taken after that? She has become the subject of the bad group of our youth. Who wonders what both her mother and her brother allow her to do, or even force her to do. What do they not videotape or snap a picture of? It is disgusting to know that a child, and even a loving parent’s children could come to this. She cannot think for herself at this age and her “family” is puppeteering her. What is happening to her is cruel and what will happen if we sit back and watch this happen is knowing how much of a better person she could be made into. Getting her far away from all of this torture could bring her back to the childhood that she deserves to have. Removing that will be something that she regrets, and is sworn that it would be a terrible fate for her to endure. Who knows what she may even do in the future once this short span of fame runs out. 

What is being asked is for Taylor to be taken into custody by Child Protective Services, for a temporary amount of time, and to be given to a family that would make sure that she can get as far away as possible from social media and other temptations that would make her act like the corrupted child she has become. She should be placed into a family that values the heart, soul, kindness, and being more humane. She needs to be taught and brought back to that level of youth, and guided down the right path. Homeschooling would also be recommended along with therapy until she does not have the same traits she already has now.

I hope that anyone who wants change will sign this petition for the better for Taylor and others into the future. Thank you.