Saving Cora Miracle

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Cora Miracle is a 4-month-old child in need of new home far away from Brittany Johnson, a 17-year-old prostitue, animal rapist, and child threatener. Brittany also known as "Peaches" goes on many long rants to her thousands of Instagram followers about how she wants to kill her own daughter, cut off her hair when she goes to school, write all over her face with marker, and potentially break into a school to embarrass her. She calls her on daughter an animal and a "hoe". On top of this, Peaches is not mentally stable. She goes on Instagram and posts many explicit videos of her while she's underaged, and says that her vagina is "stanky and fishy". She goes on Instagram live with people and exposes her body. We do not want this behavior to be taught to Cora. Cora does not deserve this, she deserves a safe environment with new parents.