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Hi, if you don’t know who 8 Passengers are, they’re a family of 8 YouTube family. They have produced video content since around 2014/2015 regularly and in recent years have been subject to controversy in the past for things they have done such as; taking their youngest, Eve, to the supermarket naked at the age of 3 with just a diaper on.

Another was when she told us Russell did not have autism because it was something along the lines of he was not intellectually challenged.

Thirdly, she sent her son to a behaviour camp which focused on kids who had done drugs, carried knives etc for the reason that he was kicked out of school.

And finally, the subject we are talking about today; she banned all electronics from her kids all summer, including TV. The children appeared very sad in the recent video saying they have no friends and Ruby’s response to this was ‘that is a very vulnerable thing for you to say, do you want me to keep that in the video?’ - surely if she felt sad about this as she ‘sounds’ in the video, she would act on what they have said. this is due to them having no access to talk to them friends whatsoever due to Ruby not allowing them do.

To add to this Chad - her second eldest, told us in the recent video that has recently been taking down but, I am in the process of finding the video, that he had been left on the floor for 7 months on a beanbag, solely because he teased his brother. If you can agree with me on this, the removal of a bed and being left on a beanbag is going to not only give him lack of sufficient sleep, but also create spinal problems. Ruby and Kevin say a bedroom is a privilege and that they have consulted their therapists and psychologists. I think a lot of us would love to know who these people are since if you read on the removing privileges it states removing basic necessities is child abuse.

This family are profiting off their children and focusing on themselves first as they say, they’re the adults. They have furnished their bedroom with a bed frame and a new furnished bathroom with a 2000 dollar toilet seat while their children sleep on the floor on a mattress. The family will not allow us viewers to speak and so as a result we have taken out own action, we are supposedly ‘triggered and shouldn’t be because it’s not our kids and we don’t live with them 24/7s’. However, Ruby produces the videos for us to watch and so we can judge them if we choose to - there’s nothing stopping us. Ruby a couple months ago spoke about how she shows too much of her life and now suddenly she’s saying we know nothing about her at all? 

Ruby refused to allow her kids to buy more than like 2/3 sweatpants etc, basically a certain amount of each clothing and there’s allegations that she makes them buy their clothes. A couple months ago, Ruby came out with a video sharing her battle with buying clothes as a stress reliever which I find very hypocritical as she had around 3 boxes of unused clothes which she bought solely for the sake of it. So let’s break this down, she doesn’t buy her kids clothes with the MONEY she gets from them being on camera but then she can buy thousands of clothes with that money and not wear them YET she’s talking about removing privileges from Chad?

She has been calling us viewers snowflakes and in denial yet she is quite frankly the words she’s describing us as. She is currently also training to become a LIFE COACH if that makes you gasp anymore. I understand it is a bold move to critique her parenting when we do not know her personally, however, I think any like minded, fair and understanding human being will understand that this is not right - especially the friends thing and bean bag thing. Ruby says it’s okay because the ‘kids are fine and okay’, it’s easy for them to say that because they can tell the kids what to do and the kids have been brought up by her so they’re obviously going to think it’s normal when they cannot even socialise with their friends.

Just to finish this off I’d just like to add some quick summaries etc.

• Ruby doesn’t allow her kids to use electronics all summer which makes it even worse when we’re in a pandemic, they’re new to the neighbourhood, they live over an hour away from their school and she is there recording her children to edit the videos on electronics and profit from them.

• Ruby said she was going to clear up any ‘misconceptions’ regarding the whole situation, so she did on her Instagram story - however a couple hours later she deleted it. Was this due to the backlash? I don’t really think any misconceptions can be made by us as viewers watching the video because it clearly shows the kids sad that they cannot talk to friends or not even have friends and that Chad was on the floor. However, Ruby and Kevin continued to stand their ground and say that because Chad went to a behaviour camp which involves him sleeping in the wilderness , it’s okay for him to sleep on the floor at home. THEIR 7 BEDROOM, $775,000 HOME.

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