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Child Bullied & Discriminated Against at School by Teacher & 2nd Teacher Slanders Parents.

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Imagine your child has been the victim of discrimination, retaliation, and bullying at school by teachers and coaches. You as a parent file a complaint against the teacher and coaches. Within just a few months your family has become the target of harassment and retaliation for participating in what is supposed to be a protected activity in filing a good faith report. You are slandered by not only school staff, but also some lying parents. Then you see this post on your child's petition from a Newton-Conover High School teacher named David Speer whom you have never met:

"Hmm. Why haven't we heard anything from y'all for a while? Is it because of the cease and desist order slapped on you two when you referred to a middle baseball player as a "little bitch" from the stands and in front of his parents. Or is it the pending harassment lawsuit being brought against you and your partner? Maybe now everyone else will see you for the loudmouthed bully you have always been."

To be clear NONE of these accusations are true; not one! But David Speer was not fired and continues to have access and opportunity to retaliate against not only my children but yours. He needs to be terminated.

Upon discovering the post, I let the school attorney and the assistant superintendent know I wanted this teacher terminated. He had retaliated against innocent parents for filing a complaint on behalf of their child who had been the target of discrimination, retaliation, and bullying by another teacher who just happened to be a coworker with the slanderous and libelist teacher. His actions are against federal anti-retaliation laws, yet the Newton-Conover School District continued in their trend to protect and defend teachers who harm children and families.  This school district had done NOTHING to remedy any of the previous illegal acts of discrimination or retaliation that had happened to our son or our family. No matter the evidence before them, they always sided with these corrupt NCCS employees.

Nothing could repair the damage they caused my son and our family, but if the school district would at least handle this  affront against my character, that would be something right? But guess what? I received a letter dated September 28, 2017 that let me know this school district was NEVER going to protect us against anything their staff wanted to do to violate us. We had NO PROTECTIONS and no recourse. These teachers were untouchable; no matter what they do. They will keep their jobs even when they emotionally abuse your children, assault parents, and slander and libel on your child's petition. It's unreal right????  IT'S REALITY AT NCCS.

The letter the district sent me will be attached in this petition if I can upload another image, but the gist of it was that they KNOW the teacher did it because he admitted he did it, and they have written evidence he did it, but they weren't going to terminate him because in their words, "Your complaint does not allege a violation of the law, at least not a law that the school or school district is obligated to follow..."  This means that teachers of NCCS may retaliate against anyone who reports what happens to their child at the school by spreading lies that defame your character through slander and libel while the school district supports and allows a retaliatory environment to thrive in the teaching and parent community. School employees and BIGOT parents can conspire against the victims who filed a report against the perpetrators. Worse than that, teachers who you have concrete evidence proving they committed these unlawful acts will not be terminated and will continue to be employed in a job paid for with our tax dollars and giving them continued access and opportunity to retaliate against your children! Please sign my petition and demand the termination of David Speer, a teacher at Newton-Conover High School and good buddy of at least one of the teachers who was involved in the discrimination, retaliation, and bullying of an innocent child.

Since when does defamation of character, libel, and slander constitute laws a school district is not accountable to follow? MURDER isn't in the handbook or policies either. Does that mean teachers are allowed to not follow this law as well? I am asking you to sign this petition to stand up for families and children to end the BULLYING, DISCRIMINATION, RETALIATION, and HARASSMENT at NEWTON-CONOVER CITY SCHOOLS. bl/?b=newton_conover

I challenge you to visit this website and look at all the policies and code of conduct this teacher violated through his unlawful acts.  


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