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Chief Woolford/ Mayor Russell: Police training and investigation after the shooting of Dan and Nicole Grinderslev's family dog Princess.

Every 98 minutes in this country, law enforcement officers shoot a dog, sometimes under the  the most casual and callous circumstances. Princess was outside her home barking when she was shot. She  never had a history of aggression.

The owner was called to restrain her dog and was minutes away. The police officer had many options such as mace or his baton but chose to use deadly force, forever altering the lives of the Grinderslev children and Dan and Nicole.

In August, Governor Quinn signed Illinois House Bill 3388 which amends the Illinois Police Training Act. It. provides for a training program in animal fighting awareness and humane response for law enforcement officers.

We the undersigned urge the Pontiac Police department to engage in this training before another cherished family pet is killed.

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