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Orugallu Wildlife society started this petition to Chief Secretary to Government of Telangana

Inuparathi gattu forest is around 8000 acres and since Nizam period it has been with forest status. notification as Reserve Forest under Sec.4 of Telangana Forest Act is under process by the collector Warangal urban.
Inuparathi gattu forest area is rich in flora and fauna and natural,perennial water sources and habitat supports many Narayepi,ippa,Like lofty tree species and many medicinal herbs.

Similarly,lot of wild fauna like sloth bear,deers,chousinghaas,chinkaara,jungle cats,monitor lizards and peafowls are in good number..This area is 1% green lungs of Warangal Urban district fall in Dharmasagar and Elkathurthy mandals.
Forest department had been carrying out Staggered trenches by MGNREGS and water harvesting structures like RFDs,checkdams ,plantations since long ago.

Unfortunately,in recent times lot of encroachment by farmers  and irregular pattas have come up with by survey numbers inside the forest land and electrical line works ,temple constructions are planned by false pattadars.

Article 51(A)(G) of constitution defined it's fundamental Duty  of every citizen to protect natural resources like forests,lakes,hills etc.
Green clubs like Vana seva society, Orugallu Wildlife Society,etc are objecting misuse of these valuable,heritage forest site for nonforestry  activities purpose.

Hence there is public demand to
1.stop mining lease proposals in and around inuparathi gattu forest area.
2. Cancellation of 100s of acres irregular pattas inside forest by collector and dist. magistrate Wgl urban immediately by thorough enquiry.
Since,Hon. Supreme court in Godha verman clasocal case ordered that any heritage land  with forest nomenclature of any kind should not be diverted for nonforestry activities.,and such violation attracts Forest Conservation Act,1980 and prosecutable..
3.This green hills of forest deserves to be a  revenue generating ecotourism site apart from helps as green lungs to the district .
Hence people,green clubs,NGOs, Environmetal lovers shall protest to save this forest for future generations..

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!