Stop the Demonic destruction in the Himalayan region in the name of ALL Weather Roads.

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"Sustainable Development is a development in order to meet the need of the present without compromising with the ability of the future to meet their own needs".

1) Environmental Ecology and sensitivity should be the prime focus in developing any Project, which in this case is seen spoiled with No EIA Clearances and thus harming the Ecosystem.

2)Uttarakhand is considered to be feeding potable water supplies to more than 40% of the Indian Population and projects like these are depleting our water systems in adding to that we are also dumping Muck in the Ganga River basin.

3)Big projects like these are supporting mass biodiversity loss, Global warming due to mass migration at once thus depleting glaciers and drying up of 60% water springs(Niti Ayog December 2017).

4)The amount of oxygen required for an individual can only be fulfilled by 7 trees and felling of trees in such a large volume is going to choke the Air and there will be no Carbon sink left in those areas resulting in the increase in air pollution.

5) Loss of habitat and increase in unemployment due to the fast flow of traffic and increasing population density in the plain areas like Dehradun, Haridwar, Hrishikesh, Udham Singh Nagar, Rudrapur etc.

6)Small plants and shrubs are not even considered as plants which in fact provide water holding capacity, stops landslides and support feedstocks for small animals and birds.